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Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

The media's war on Trump is destined to fail. Why can't it see that? | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian

This is one of the factors that explains the many monstrous journalism failures of the last few decades: the dot-com bubble, which was actively cheered on by the business press; the Iraq war, which was abetted by journalism’s greatest sages; the almost complete failure to notice the epidemic of professional misconduct that made possible the 2008 financial crisis and the rise of Donald Trump, which (despite the media’s morbid fascination with the man) caught nearly everyone flatfooted.

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Hiri best email client for Windows, Mac and Linux

does not support (yet) other POP/IMAP providers (Gmail, Yahoo or self-hosted) 

Ricardo Mendes

Audio, SoundCloud, and the Indieweb

nice ideas over there...also interested to self-host more audio bytes..
Known already support some stuff, but I'm concerned about huge files, and how it's going to impact by Known import/export backup, if with times I have to import huge backups files to relaunch my site on a new domain or even just move from current host to self-hosted vps again..

Ricardo Mendes

The Brussels Civic Data Hack: Episode 1 #civictech #digityser #dataviz

2 min read


Like nearly everywhere in Europe, Belgium is undergoing a crisis of trust between citizens and their legitimate institutions. Brussels, in particular, is having a bad year. This feeds on news both real and fake, leaving citizens disoriented and ever more mistrustful.

We believe we, ordinary citizens, can help. We wish to help by using data, open data in particular, to investigate problems for ourselves, and share our results with our fellow citizens so that they can be replicated and cristicized. No need to trust fake news when you can go straight to the source yourself!


We wish to organise a small event called a civic hackathon. Everybody interested in a civic use of data and data science is welcome, without exception and with no skill requirements. It’s about gathering under one roof to work with data with a civic purpose in mind. It could be anything: applications tracking parliament activities; crunching and visualisation of societally relevant datasets; dreaming up infographics that would make a complex issue more accessible, and so on.


We envision two steps. In step 1, we gather together for a few hours to hash out some possible projects to develop in the hackathon proper: we make sure each project has the data it needs and a skeletal crew with all the skills to pull it off. In step 2, two weeks or so later, we take one or two full days to actually develop projects. The results of the different projects are presented to the whole group at the end of step 2. All code is released as open source. Processed data are published as open data wherever the license of the primary data allows it.


Absolutely everyone is welcome. All you need to take part in a civic hackathon is a passion for all things civic. Every skill is needed. Among them (but there are others) are: software development, statistics, math, journalism, law, design, communication, storytelling. Female and minority participants (however you want to define “minority”) are particularly welcome.

We are Ricardo, Philippe and Alberto. We commit to working the hardest, but welcome any help anyone can offer.




Ricardo Mendes

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Two Tribes" - 12" MIX

Ricardo Mendes

La crise politique belge continue et les réponses que la caste politique en place apporte sur la table sont tout sauf à la hauteur de la situation, c'est tout comme si entre bonne famille aristocrate, face à la déconvenue, celle ci organise un dinner de famille pour se départager les avoirs, les privilèges et les postes qui malgré tout continue d'être le socle sur lequel est assis les partis politiques francophone, sauf ECOLO et PTB et DEFI, tout les autres : PS, MR, CDH, devrait se ramasser une gifle monumentale en 2018, mais jusque là tout est permis, inclus s'arranger entre copains corrompus sur comment se réorganiser pour continuer ce cirque.

Je trouve toute cette situation tout bonnement insupportable, indigne, encré dans des schémas du siècle passé, confortablement assis sur l'autel de leur privilèges, ces gens sont entrain de s'organiser pour mieux se préserver, c'est inadmissible.

Il devrait tous ou en très grande partie être disqualifié, récusé, mandat terminé plus une punitions à vie d'exercer un mandat public. point.

Il est hallucinant de voir que dans le privé, un indépendant qui triche, qui fraude, ou qui commet une faute mineure paye celle ci mais que le monde politique peut tremper dans des multiples scandales, années après années et tout continue comme prévu, génération après génération, ça se recycle, ça change de visage, mais la structure persiste et continue d'exister. c'est hallucinant !!

Ce genre de liquéfaction de l'intégrité de la démocratie sont typiquement le genre de truc qui vont provoquer la montée d'un Trump ou d'une autre dérive, pire permettre à la dérive en cours de continuer à l'infini, sans jamais remettre carte sur table et se doter d'un système qui soit adapté aux besoins du monde d'aujourd'hui plutôt que dans l'adoration d'un système caduque qui permet la corruption, le clientélisme et autre dérive par dessein, comme on a eu pu le voir avec ou .

J'ai bien peur que rien ne change, sans une énorme pressions citoyenne, inexistante pour le moment.

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