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| Love to promote #Indieweb #CivicTech #Dataviz #RSS Curious about #Blockchain and the future of work by enabling #platformcoop

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Ricardo Mendes

How to Set Up and Use Multiple Profiles (User Accounts) in Firefox

Valid for the new Firefox Quantum or Firefox Beta / Developpers

Ricardo Mendes

Got an IndieWeb site? Want to interact with Mastodon, Hubzilla, and the rest of the fediverse? Bridgy Fed is for you.

Ricardo Mendes

Tellement inadmissible et pourtant...rien ne va changer, "l'état belge" n'est certainement responsable de rien

Ricardo Mendes

Automatically contribute to funding the web with the new Flattr extension – Ctrl blog

Automatically contribute to funding the web with the new Flattr extension

Ricardo Mendes

Future of Decentralized Energy management ? - Your interface to P2P energy.

Reorganize energy systems.

The transition from fossil fuels needs new ways of working together.

Phi will be the first DAO dedicated to developing and managing renewable energy systems in a collaborative way.

Phi Coin, our core token, will be used in all aspects of governing the network.

An organizational structure based on active P2P connections will make it easy for everyone to take part.

Ricardo Mendes

Juste Quelqu'un De Bien - Enzo Enzo -

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

The Red Thread: Buddhist Approaches to Sexuality via @academia

Ricardo Mendes

Carte blanche: #MeToo, pour ne rien voir, il faut le vouloir #MoiAussi


"À toutes et tous : s’il y a un combat, ce n’est bien sûr pas celui des femmes contre les hommes, c’est celui des femmes et des hommes contre le modèle patriarcal."

Ricardo Mendes

In a nutshell, to make your WordPress GDPR compliant, you should (1) look into all the different ways in which you’re collecting visitor data. Next, (2) put mechanisms in place to make sure that users can control their data. Additionally, (3) it’s probably a good idea to avoid collecting user data where it’s not necessary (like the contact form example from above). And most importantly of all, (4) even if you’re using third-party tools and solutions, you still need to make sure that those are GDPR compliant as well.

If you don’t have all of the above taken care of by May 2018, trouble.

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