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Ricardo Mendes

@GuyVerhofstadt you're right, but it's not new, we actually stepped down and watched it from our sofa for 5 years and now suddenly because it touch our shores we care about it ? we couldn't be more hypocrites.

Also I'm not hearing you or most EU politicians much less the national level politicians talk rightly on the cause of this mess, it's like its considered a 'natural disaster' when it's absolutely not !

we created this mess, we allowed it, we participated either by our disastrous non foreign policy OR by factually avoid to confront already in 2011 or more broadly by supporting US foreign policy and geopolitical self-serving interests.

what was Europe thinking ? that we would bow to US foreign policy indefinitely and that would not have an impact on our shores ? it's easy for US, easy to avoid paying the price of it's own quagmire.

When is Europe going to refocus on build it's own foreign policy & it's own upholding of fundamental rights ?
bombing for peace never worked, selling weapons to so called rebels/fighters/freedomfighters has turned out to be a mess for western foreign policy, it's almost if we end up giving weapons to future enemies provided they use these weapons against our short-term vision present "enemy".

We cannot avoid talking about our own role or lack or role into this quagmire.

if we are to survive as "Europe".

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