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Ricardo Mendes

Still wondering, why in hell @twitter removed Lists/Collections from Twitter Search, it was soo handy to be able to search lists on twitter. most of the time the reason I need a twitter list is because I want to find quick information on a given topic, I want to find the best people and most of the time someone is already doing this selection, when its not the case, I'll do my own list.

sometimes I also clone twitter lists to gain ownership of it, so I start from someone else lists, clone it and then i can add new people to it, remove others etc.. this is so handy to find niche of content/people, so why on earth woult Twitter remove our ability to find, search other people's lists ?

Why do I have to land on a user profile to search its lists ? Why can't I just Search the whole twitter for it and select "lists" or "collections" as it was in the past the same way I can search News or Video or any Media or any tweet with links.

removing collections/lists is a bad idea Twitter even if nobody used collections, but the same cannot be said about twitter list, essential part of twitter to remove the noise and get a clear signal per topics.

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