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Ricardo Mendes

Always disturbing to me that in a global connected world where Science explained so much aspects of Life but still a large (growing) number of people on every countries still believe God has anything to do with life on this planet.

I have nothing against spirituality, but it's something personal, it's a subjective way to interpret life regarding mysteries we do not yet understand.

But actually thinking that God created us equal is absurd for the simple reason that if everything that exists was created, who created God ? if God is intemporal, why would he create mortals like us ? why would impermanence and change be at the core of his creation ? If God needed to be created before creating the universe and life around us, who created the creator ?

Their logic is to say that the known Universe is too complex, too perfect for it to be anything else than "intelligent design" typical Men made fallacies only to keep on not being responsible of his own actions.

It's too basic to believe in God and trust him to "pardon" our stupidity if one decide to "welcome him" as a savior.

Are people so lost that they need to have a "master" to guide them when in fact all the necessary tools to live a good life is right inside each & everyone of us ?

Why is Men always in need of someone responsible above him to look after him, to pardon them, to guide them when in the End, it is only our very own choices that construct our present, past & future ?

Isn't it time to kill the Father ? and assume our very existence on Earth not based on some sort of ideology allowing ourselves to destroy the planet but still get pardon if we believe in the correct "God" ?

I look forward the day Religions are taken for what they are : pre-historic manual to interpret our environnement based on our ignorance.

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