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Ricardo Mendes

Bot as a service

From pizza and taxi to curated news topics
Monitoring & IoT status
Home intrusion... You name it.. A bot for everything
Embedded open source hardware with autonomous agents and IA

Now you're on your slack team or messenger Facebook chat
Can we order pizza for 10 people in 10 different places of the world?
Can a bot manage this from the cloud?

It's going to be inevitably yes but we have to wonder as a society what is the notion of Work then...
Without a propper wealth re-distribution mechanism, automation will be a social disaster.

We need a universal basic income tied to fundamental human rights of the condition of being humans not papers or identification. Papers define where you choose to live not to prove you're human.
The same should be held to wealth. Human rights. Tied to the condition of being Human not the comfort of having the privilege to own the correct papers or status to remotely start to approach true equality in our societies.

Anyway I'm ranting..

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