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Ricardo Mendes

"Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else"

Might be the only reasonable argument to leave I have read in a few months. 

But still I argue that will not change anything for the precarious youth either in UK or elsewhere. Markets are still above the Democratic flow and will remain so because nothing was learned from the 2008 financial crisis. 

In the long run Europe is paying the price of a disaster integration by Manuel Barroso since 2004 and a disaster management since 2008 regarding the financial crisis, the results? Well for the UK it's

France will be next. And then God only knows where this mess is heading. 

But to me ultimately the responsibility of the "state of things" is on the shoulder of all civil servants & elected representatives at both EU and national level that miserably failed to represent the people.

If you sell the people, don't expect them to vote for you or a corrupt particracy. 

EU is only paying the seeds it planted. 

And even if Europe did good things together, they are nothing compared to the devastating effects of austerity policies across Europe. 

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