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Ricardo Mendes

@ChrisAldrich I'm still experimenting & trying not to multiply hashtags too much but right now my use case is the follow : when I want to save from mobile an item I bookmark it with Url Forwarder app I add my hashtag (same behavior on laptop) and this populate my RSS feed which in turns goes through my RSS reader (FreshRSS/InoReader) or I was thinking using Woodwind as a pocket RSS receiver for my site (still pondering this part) but anyway I simply read from there. right now I'm not using more taxonomy to mark things "as read" on my own site, I simply keep up with what I read or not on the reader app.

I'm a long time RSS user so I have all my habits for star, notes & stuff still hosted at Inoreader.
but I find FreshRSS too simple for my needs/habits but considering going TTrss when I move to selfhost this part of my setup because of it's ability to generate private or public rss feeds from folders/label/tags.

Right now with Inoreader I get back to my articles simply by checking out the list on the Inoreader folder I have but has you hinted with my tag I was thinking on having my reading list arranged by tags so that in my reader (Inoreader app) I can have future content to read by hashtags/topics. & segmented by folders back in Inoreader or any RSS feed reader laptop/mobile app I might use in the future.

The nice thing with this schema is that my data is selfhosted by my site and also feed my reader app with things I want to find easy and since Inoreader have this powerful search capability I'm quite pleased and well not moving from Inoreader : mainly because I use its "broadcast" feature to trigger tweets like this with the help of @twibbleio.
Twibble is a RSS to Tweet service. I could do this without passing through Inoreader, but hell this is where most if not all my reading happen anyway.

As you can guess it literraly allow me to "push to tweet" things I want to share, test followers reactions, or in the case of my personal account broadcasting what I'm currently reading. this is a two touch operation that I use a lot to program content flow from different inoreader/twibble/twitter accounts on the go.
This is all very experimental but the mashup actually build followers without much work.
see @Euwatchers or @Polbegov.

I guess I could self host a similar setup and only depend on twibble for the time scheduling & delay features but I disgress :) the good thing of all this is that I can try this setup in different services at the same time without disrupting anything since my site is always the source.

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