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Ricardo Mendes

Completely impressed by @withknown community coders interactions on the issue tracker (and other github code project) there is so much excellence in methodology that sometimes I think it's just another proof that the way we do Politics & Elections these days need a complete overhaul toward participatory democracy.

Why am I mixing code & politics? because the way code is created & ultimately used, speaks volumes about the gap there is between the old world and the inevitable : today's participatory methods, collaboration, participation will be the standards of tomorrow. it's not if, it's when.

the first groups to implement it in their DNA will be best in line to implement models that will feel natural & organic in the future and that ultimately people will adopt.

We might have Artificial intelligence in the next decade on our low-end phones but we better get some of the methods that are shaping the future of work into politics before it's too late to change anything and right now in Europe and elsewhere, we're going backward.

we're all watching & documenting this descent to hell without any means to stop it. basically we're frogs boiling in hot water thinking it's cold water and everything is fine.

it's not.

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