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Ricardo Mendes

Facebook is going to change because it cannot afford to be 10h late anymore. right now Facebook is like a feed reader but 10h late. that's when your primary information tool is or RSS.

When I actually use the Facebook app I only see things I already tweeted, retweeted, commented, or read in the last 8h.

in short Facebook as a feed reader powered by your friends is dead.

the next step is enough AI algorithms so that it actually KNOW what you might want to read : now.

this is going to profoundly change Facebook, because your shares will have less value in the feed than what Facebook algorithm think is or should be important in your home feed.

in my use case, Facebook is not my feed reader. I instead use my own self-hosted feed reader or third party like . I get the content at the source because I created a carefully curated list of sources I want to get information from.

So if you combine RSS + Twitter list or dedicated Twitter accounts you don't need Facebook for information. maybe to keep in touch with a bunch of your friends.. but even that is shifting towards group messaging apps.

What Facebook is still good for is to dissemination of information.. but until when? what happens when bots will be faster than any humans and will know with certainty what make you laugh, what's the best way to turn you into a good consumer of infotainment?

since 2011 there has been a huge shift toward monetization of content. this change managed to cut the ability of anything going organically viral on Facebook. maybe it works for worldwide stars or known people because mostly of their followers base. not because it's organically trending. in fact what means trending on Facebook?

Twitter has still this organic manner to allow to trend naturally. (with tons of accusations or rumors to constantly tamper the trending topics anyway) but important world wide stuff do trend and are allowed to trend even if Twitter does not make much out of it.

the point of this rant was to say : what's the point of opening a Facebook app that only, only show 8h or 10h late articles? or even a day old..

Why should I Open Facebook & share anything into it if nobody read it or if the actual content on my wall is content I have already seen, read, commented on my site or elsewhere?

to me the obvious answer to all these concerns is . the social network need to be interactions on the Web, not in Zuckerberg closed gardens.

by the way I wish I was in Nuremberg this weekend..

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