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Ricardo Mendes

@garthurabbott interesting read but on a less US centric POV I think will only reach full potential when our generation replace the current generation, well, everywhere : Politics, Economy, you name it,
just look how Iceland crowdsourced its constitutions : the reason it worked its because citizen actually shaped it and then the at the time power that be had no other choice but to validate it and implement it.
suddenly you have a new consitution, something that could take years to be put in place in a few months, the result is also disrupting the current political system where the Pirate Party took the lead = citizen from our generation took power and this will have more impact that many many many experiments to try to bring citizens from the old paradigm to accept change & accept new ideas.

In short I do think that for civic engagement to take off we need to mirror "elected civil servants" inside Parliaments and Congress that actually understand the world you and me live in but ultimately the world our kids will be living in.

We need to take power, engage, dive in and act instead of being paralyzed by the direction the train is already getting : to a wall. but that's just my opinion :)

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