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Ricardo Mendes

@cfarivar @Ghostistheshell I understand the victims because I have read how in this community going to the police is seen as snitching, its also a community not prone to recognize any type of vertical system, going to the police is contrary to their belief. Talking to other community members is often being stigmatized even more and not taken seriously: man most of the time give more credit to the abuser because of his social position, his experience and the reputation. the victims have no chance compared to the social reputation of the abuser. they feel trapped. what do they do ? they go public ! they disrupt the social interactions by disclaiming on the public domain what happened to them. If they feel it's their only way, who are we to say: you should go to the police or you should follow legal ways, legal ways that honestly most of the time the "community" does not recognize on his day to day, but suddenly, for serious stuff, then you must follow due process and go to the police ? I don't think most of the readers of this story actually understand the victims side because we are trained not to give attention to all kinds of daily abuse : the reaction most of the time will be : you're making drama out of nothing. this completely eradicate the victim from being heard. most of the time the community react like a virus: rejecting with strong words anything that might disrupt the living organism represented by the community. and by doing so the community is actually closing the door and killing it's chance to make know what's actually going on. by doing so the community force the victims to go public. by going public, most of the victims will want to preserver their identity. who wants to be globally known for getting abused ?
Man comes and say: if this is true you should go to the police and justice and assume publicly that you got abused !! does man Knows how hard that is for a victim ? NO it's doesn't but Man keeps knowing better than any other victim what's the best route to follow "due process". Man is a predator trying to say to it's pray: don't denounce me or I might have to eat you. and if you accuse me I will unleash everything against you.

do you think victims will want to go publicly talk about their abuse when they live in a world where Man and his social status is way more important than the bad actions it does toward others ?

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