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Ricardo Mendes

How to fix @withknown image issues after moving to self-hosted #indieweb

1 min read

I had this issue quite a few time and it's always related to the Uploads folder (and existing sub-folders) not having correct write/read permission but also www-data not being the owner of the files.

I used to fix this by Chown-ing the /var/www/ folder like this chown -R www–data:www-data /var/www/ considering "www" is the Known root folder.

You can also add yourself to the www-data group : usermod -a -G www-data (your username) then use this command to fix the permissions issues of the Uploads folder : chgrp www-data /var/www/Uploads and then chmod g+rwxs /var/www/Uploads  You might also want to use the -R option to give write permission recursively : chmod -R ug+rw foldername

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