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Ricardo Mendes

I think the first time I connected to the Internet it was the spring of 1998.
I was messing with old computers, MS-DOS, Win 3.1, Win98 Offline and I was offloading some money to buy my first 64k modem, after a few months I had the money and I went on to buy it. I got my first "Discovery line" a telecom line with a phone number just for Internet usage. I heard that famous blipping of the modem dialing the internet access number and suddenly I was online !

I remember the first time I noticed how much more interesting a computer was WHEN connected to the internet. I remember when the connection would fall and one had to dialup all over again. I remember when downloading movies, or a full audio album could take weeks, if not month if there was not enough seeds sharing it. I remember how much I learned Online, pretty much everything I use everyday, today, at my job, everything started with this tiny modem & this slow internet connection.

It was like opening the gate of a worldwide library where there was no limit of use, no limit of books you could read, no limits of new things to discover, new people to find, new cultures to absorb and new possibilities to imagine.

Suddenly my offline computer seemed so un-interesting. suddenly playing to open the computer tower just to see how it works wasn't that interesting anymore. what was interesting shifted Online for me.

Today it's and I don't Know what I would be today if it wasn't for the Internet.
coming from where I was coming, Internet sounded like Freedom, Knowledge, Power for everyone.

Since then I never stopped learning and hope to never stop !

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