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Ricardo Mendes

@idesdebruyne I would say the majority of investigative journalists are working outside any established Media institution, the later are rarely interested in Justice or playing a role of counter-power, counter-abuse, the result is lack of information and ultimately it hurt democracies everywhere since the impunity can take place without accountability.

Also since the last financial crisis, I have been watching how redaction prefer to use freelance journalists, paid a misery and instead hire a fresh, in-experimented "buzz" social media editor to go fish in the giant swimming pool of social networks, this is hitting every respected news papers out there, they give more importance to sensation than information because the former generate clicks and revenues while the later "only" inform & create debate.

Crisis hit country like Spain or Greece even had to rely on creating new journalism "institutions" to keep covering the ongoing crisis while the former established media were instead busy serving on their channels and media venues the private interests of their boss instead of the duty to inform of any media organization.

if & are not enough to disrupt journalism in the good direction, like any other sector, journalism will be taken by a storm of new ventures that will send to the dustbin of history long time players that were unable to adapt to today's reality.

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