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Ricardo Mendes

Learning how templates works @withknown planning to add a share to silo to this website

status :

currently found where to display the social share buttons in :

problems :
after half an hour I can display what I want where I want but the social share code is not behaving like it should: meaning it only share the default site URL, not the current post. I have to figure out how can I make it to take the title and the current post URL into the share dialog & allow me to use it on post by post basis.

bring the social share code to my server instead of github hosting
find out the best implementation possible for this (template, plugin or dirty)
the goal is that the the social share privacy plugin should be template agnostic
and should be activated on demand (like a plugin) without much configuration to do.

naturally the best implementation should be a plugin ?

maybe a good exercice for me at the Nuremberg meetup ?

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