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Ricardo Mendes

@MarcHoag Hey Marc, I deactivated @polbegov and @euwatchers but instead of doing it on @twibbleio I did it on the app management dashboard, I revoked the Twibble app access to those account.

I was afraid of what would happen when I would activate all the feeds one by one, afraid of it starting to tweet articles and stuff published during the night on each sources, that would have produced an avalanche of already "old" tweets.

I hope by doing it this way (cutting Twibble access to publishing) this will allow you to fix the issue (while keeping up to speed with new articles) so that when I would reconnect twitter and the service would start from "present time" instead of publishing all the past-stuff while maintenance is going on ?

maybe my assumption is incorrect and I should have done it otherwise, I would love if you could take the time to clarify what's the best path to avoid the problem of tweeting "old" content.

I will get back to you via email when I can but ultimately it has been a heck of ride for me here !

Edit : I guess I got my clarification already :) see :

conclusion: if all my feeds are deactivated it means twibble will start crawling from where it last fetched new articles, so it means old tweets will get out, Unless : I modify each feed entry to only tweet new content from that point. correct ?

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