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Ricardo Mendes

One thing is clear today with the #ChilcotReport: #iraqwar was a "international community" #warcrime

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Another thing is very clear to me: the political generation of the last 20 years (if not more) not only betrayed their humanity but they created the seeds of the ongoing quagmire that is the Middle-East today. since 2011 they created a reality. a reality they could bomb afterward, so they thought, since it is now out of control, exploding itself in any part of the world and most of all contrary to whatever "mainstream media" is looping online & on TV & papers : the vast majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims. Saying is Islam is ridiculous and a blatant lie. Islam need to reform and adapt to what younger generation wants ? that's a fact. 

Islam is not Terrorism and ISIS is not Islamic no matter the slogans, the look and their narrative: it's not Islam. News pundits in the US should take note before they end up creating another reality where the Muslims are the new N-word or the Nazi-Germany "final solution" to the "Jewish Problem" .

As a society, since decades and decades we are in a drift, a drift toward global conflicts and we better make our voice heard now before a final solution is found for another ethnic group of the same Humanity.


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