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Ricardo Mendes

[opinion] @JunckerEU Drunk (again) talking "Leaders of other Planets are deeply concerned" - Video

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Ladies and gentlemen: the President of the European Commission.

Completely bourré comme à son habitude.

"... les horizons nous attendent. Et nous volons vers les horizons qui sont ceux de l'Europe et de la planète entière.
Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin sont inquiets.
J'ai vu et entendu et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d'autres PLANETES qui sont très inquiets parce qu'ils s'interrogent sur la voie que l'Union Européenne va euh euh poursuivre.
Et donc il faut rassurer et les Européens et ceux qui nous observent de euh plus euh... loin."

Well I come from this Planet and I'm deeply concerned about the ability of Juncker to do its Job. 

This only sum up to the fact that not only he can't do its job but the job of his predecessor lead Europe to suffocation and Juncker was supposedly the old Man that would move EU past these muddy waters. 


I'm a Pro European. since ever. even before having a political culture I was already convinced by the European idea : Free movement, no Borders, one common exchange value: the euro. (even though the Euro landing in each Members States was sometimes a disaster (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy)  I was born in 1980 and I think this generation was naturally educated to the European Idea, in books, school manuals, TV, radio & what else. 

Since then we got the Lisbon Treaty (the so called European Constitution that was rejected and never considered by the power that be) then we got the ESM Treaty and other Fiscal Compacts (2packs & 6 packs) that enshrined Austerity Doctrine in all constitutions of each Members States. 

At the same time big Corporations are mostly avoiding to pay their Taxes "legally" thanks to Luxembourg Tax-ruling, Belgium semi-fiscal-paradise for big corporations and on top of all this legal fiscal evasion benefiting only the rich - 2008 brought the big bank bailouts to "do everything" to help the Euro economy stays afloat. 

And We (the People) we got the austerity measures. we got systemic misery. we got poverty, suicides, evictions, layoffs and what not and we were told: we had to do an effort. we had to save our économy. 

My point is, the previous Commission and the current one (since 2014) are fully responsible for the destruction of the possibilites of the European Project. along with each members States dual game of pushing for reforms they can't propose at national level and using the european level to push for policy doctrines they can't and when they need accuse "Brussels" of being the perpetrator. the imposer ! 

In my view, after the whole elected current political generation should be sent to the dustbin of history !

It's miserable ! its even disgusting !

Europe is imploding not because citizens are rejecting unfair policies and completely inhuman economic polices, Europe is imploding because our "political cast" are cut from their base, they don't represent citizen's interest, they represent their own interests and their friends, corporations have better access to law and lobbying that the citizens living in any European members states. Europe is imploding because of bad administration, last century thinking, isolationism, suffocation under harsh economic policies that are actually destroying the faith anyone had in the European Project. 

And this Video above only add to the insult. Juncker is unfit for the Job; unfit to represent and guide the EU boat in the direction citizens of Europe want it to move. 

In fact the very Article 48 of the EU constitution is a locker : we need 27 members states to agree to lift the stupid idea of 3% deficit to make it happen, in short if we want "another Europe" we need to have 27 progressive political party getting elected at national level + changing the landscape of the EU Parliament at the same time to be able to drive EU in another direction. it's impossible. 

Article 50 and you can leave: but if you leave the 27 other members states will vilify you, will make hard balls games to difficult your time and will do anything in their power to punish you. its like we're being ruled by despots that can only punish dissent, dissent from the status-quo, dissent from having the audace to imagine something else for Europe, outside of the rigidity and stupidy of the current European Design. 

it's a flawed design. it's made for the last century. it's inadapted to the current needs and vision of my generation. it's a structure that urgently need a complete and total redesign or face it's own End. 

Many parts of society either in UK, France, Belgium, Spain or Portugal are pushing for this bottom-up Europe, adapted to our needs, our vision but if they aren't listened, in 2 or 3 or 5 years these initiatives will simply die because of the deafness of the old crumbling cold-war afficionados politicians limited to their fears and last century thinking. 

Civil society, Grassroots movements, Unions, progressive political parties, they all want to change Europe, they all are ignored by the "institutions" either national or EU level until the moment these institutions, by their very own actions, will be deemed obsoletes. 

and that's maybe the only road left to progress. 

note: press release of this very Juncker Speech with reference to distant planet gone :

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