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Ricardo Mendes

shutting down its free product. Sadly, this day was always on my mind.
I have been using @rebelmouse to aggregate & display a fragmented social media activity for dozens and dozens of people, friends, clients and what not. I have helped to create & aggregate value content from different sources using Rebelmouse on no less than 400+ topics. I still have to read this post : but it's very likely that this is the last time I use a third party solution so long without having found the possibility to create an open source alternative to display activity stream like content from different providers. In fact I'm thinking about it everyday since at least 3 or 4 years and this open source alternative is now pretty well schematized on my mind. I would love to find more rebelmouse fans out there getting together to find a solution to individualize this feature into a self-hosted open source solution that everyone can contribute, audit and fork. If you're reading this and have some ideas, feel free to comment below or send a reply from your own site.

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