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Disney: Don't Kill your Chance at a Female Yoda

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Ahsoka Tano, until Rey appeared, fought as the only female Jedi in the official Star Wars canon. Disney now has the chance in Star Wars "Rebels" to finally answer the question, "Who is the female Yoda?"

The Female Yoda

Yes I know the prequels and the Clone Wars have many female Jedi. Yet look at the make-up of the Council in Attack of the  Clones. Looks like the boardroom of any tech comapny. Only less nerdier.

Yes, yes I know technically there is a "literal" female Yoda, Yaddle, who sat on the council.  She made a brief appearance in AOTC, and rumored to make an appearance in a flim.

Still Ahsoka kicks ass. She brings complexity to the role and her leaving the Order after being falsely accused provides an allegory for the tribulations women face in a patriarchical society.

I know she has to die.

The rule of two demands it. I just don't want it to be soon.

I think Ahsoka should take on the training of Kanan and Ezra. She should get a shot at being a rebel leader and the "Female Yoda." Let her voice be one of reason and of the Force in Rebels.

The last two episodes of the current season are named, "Twilight of the Apprentice." This does not bode well for Ahsoka. It sounds like a final showdown with Vader which has been building all season.

It seems too soon. Disney don't kill off Ahsoka so early in the history of Rebels. Have her rise to the call and become a great teacher.

Make the tension between her and Vader real. Let us see the struggle in Vader as he tries to turn Ahsoka and take her place by his side. Let us see her anger and fear rise as she blames herself for the death of Anakin.

Better yet maybe she escapes, we see a flash of good in Vader, and when Rey goes to see Luke for training his only role, and line, will be to point Rey in Ahsoka's direction. 


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