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Ricardo Mendes

"The Commission appears to have forgotten about the consumers it is supposed to be helping." so How on Earth letting not pay fair tax is helping consumers? source : in short "free market" think-thank want you to keep believing that its "normal" to have huge fiscal discrepencies across Europe and we're supposed to build a Monetary Union with different velocity, realities and fiscal approach ? this is the ultimate recipe to make sure we have a completely inequal Europe for decades to come and who will benefit from this ?

Corporations, not consummers.

You might argue consummers will win by keeping their job. right. but for how long ?

Look at the issue in Belgium right now ? 2013 - 2016 millions of € of investment, efforts from all the workers, perfection in everything only to be ditched out like rats by an American Boss in 2016.

Belgium gave millions of € in "interêts notionnels" to Caterpillar, the same kind of "state aid" Apple is getting from Ireland and guess what ? 2000+ layoffs only at Caterpillar, this is going to hit 7000+ people working around services to Caterpillar in the region.

How on earth giving tax ruling advantages is helping consummers ?

Again it's helping corporations.

End of the story !

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