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Ricardo Mendes

The Corporate Web is a Jail #googleapps #jail #closedweb #nonportability

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Nearly 10 years ago I started using Dreamhost to host my collection of homegrown music productions at - a few years later came the integration of Google Apps at the domain level and I started using them for Email, Calendar and so on. a few years later arrived Android and naturally since I had already payment details associated with my @buzzworkers email account, I started to buy apps on the Play Store using this very email adress. 

Forward a few more years and I want to get out of Google Apps for this domain. I want to self-host my emails because the volumes is so little I could even redirect it to an existing email or even just create a simple redirect catch-all email, the point is I dont need this inbox. 

The problem: I have associated paid apps with this email ID. How do I transfert these paids apps to another Google ID ? you can't. the only way is to contact the app developper for each app and ask them to replace the Google Apps ID associated with my paid apps with a classic (non Google apps) Google ID. 

That's doable. it's boring, it's stupid that a minimum of portability is not a standard even now in 2016. 

But the problems are not over : I have 2 users on this Google Apps domain. 

Myself and a friend. 

She is using 2GB of her email account, 1Gb on the drive. How do I move her to a classic Google ID ? 

I can't because I'm on the "free" Google Apps version. (instead of work or education package) 

i'm exploring the solution to get her a domain + google apps so I can move her user to another organisation and from there have just my user to migrate to nothing. 

I just want my paid android apps transferred somewhere and move away from Google Apps once and for all for this domain :

ps: If you have any idea on how to do this better or how to proceed for such migration/transfert to self-hosted, feel free to comment below, I'm interested to hear your suggestions. 

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