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Ricardo Mendes

The enemy within or Why our past choices predicted or defined our present #eurocrisis #brexit #AusteritybyDesign

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Before there was protests for 3 YEARS all around Europe while @EU_Commission was quietly "negotiating" banking bailouts and imposing deadly, even suicidal austerity in , Spain & Portugal. During that time Civil Society in Europe tried to block the so called 6 pack & 2 pack after trying to block the ESM treaty without success. During all this time Euroscepticism was already in bed in extreme-right wing parties all across Europe but EU didn't give a damn about these growing risks. By doing so it deliberately shoot itself in the foot. 

After loosing the battle against Austerity & while was already on the horizon, civil society moved against TTIP recognizing on this new negotiations the mother of everything that went wrong with today's neoliberal capitalism.

Barroso kept the European Commission path unchanged, paving the path of UKIP, AfD, FN and Co.

By behaving with an unseen arrogance, the Barroso commission paved EU expansionism, growing up to 28 members states without the minimum of ongoing stability already reached by previous members. it's like EU interests where never in his mind, always pushing for more blind enlargement until triggering enough friction with Russia leading up to the Ukraine disaster. Yes Russia did invade Crimea, the very same way the US invaded Iraq without even the need to "annexe" it since Iraq and other post-invaded US countries are for ever under US annexation after 2 decades of wars & destruction. Annexing Crimea was wrong, like annexing & meddling in the middle-east by the US & allies is & was wrong from the early begining. 

We didn't bring democracy to Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali or Libya : we brought in destruction, death, unstability, we killed civilians and we droned entire villages from the confort of our modern "clean" warfare inhuman capability. 

Then the refugee crisis arrived. Why ? 

It's ridiculous to detach the refugee crisis from the ongoing war the West is waging since 2001 against Terrorism. We produce weapons, ammunition's, surveillance technology & train Afghan, Libyan, Somalia, Malian armies to battle Terrorism. 

But like in the past on these regions of the World, we might think our might is above all the others but in the end, the rebels Washington is paying on his side to crush Assad or the factions of "freedom fighters" that US foreign policy don't mind to empower are most of the time affiliated with terrorists organisations leading the West to the eternal quagmire of endless wars & now since 2016 very clearly : retaliations against Western presence in the middle-east in the form of direct terrorist murders in many European cities, 

I may be naive if you will, but reading and learning to read foreign policy games since 2 decades have been a long journey for me to understand why our society is always detaching repercussions here at home from the atrocities, illegal wars, proxy war, war crimes that we, as a society perpetrate to supposedly "defend" our interests in those regions. 

US meddling in the middle-east is not new. Retaliations against US policies are not new either. 

placing authoritarian regimes replacing civilians regime by religious dictatorships is not new either. 

from South America meddling to Middle-East meddling, the US have a undisputed very long story of messing with many areas of the World to serve it's own interests. 

Only an Amnesiac society can play at not understanding where Terrorism come from while her elected leaders keep on going, decades after decades to advance a project of fear, destruction and ultimately war as policy to reach the unbalanced state of the World that we have today. 

2016 and terrorism is definitely at home in Europe, after each attack we are keen to "prove" this or that attack where carried by ISIS - like if knowing who are the perpetrator would change anything - TV spin loop for hours why this or that terrorist got radicalized, like if suicide bombers was a choice in life or some kind of goal, and we finally get to understand all the details about this one terrorist attack there comes the next and the next one, until everybody is so much drugged by all this violence that we may accept anything, everything to make it stop. but it never stops, until We, as "civilised" society don't stop our current policies, our current path when it touch our perception around limited ressources, geopolicy, diplomacy, warfare and what created terrorism in the first place. 

Terrorism is not a natural disaster. it's a man made disaster that is getting out of the hands of the swarm of US agencies that created its root in the first place. 

ISIS is a Human creation. the ennemy we are battling is ultimately ourselves : our fear. 
fear of others, fear of other cultures, fear of of everything that could/might change our little embryo of paradise that we decide to keep only for ourselves, instead of sharing our human society advances with the rest of the World. 

Terrorism will not be defeated by more wars, more weapons and more ground or air invasion. 

Terrorism will be defeated when a whole generation that created this mess is impeached and banned from ever approaching any position in governement or anything related to military or intelligence agencies. 

Terrorism will be defeated when we decide to break the artificial barriers of fear that we project on other cultures without ever looking ourselves on the mirror, honestly to ask : What have we done in the last 60 years that might have participated in the systemic crisis that we live today ? 

What kind of World I want my childrens to live in ? 

Until fighting Terrorism is dropping more bombs, more drones and more death without ever questioning WHY we are here now, terrorism as we know it, will never be defeated. 

We have to start to include the rest of the world in the conversation, we have to start listening and building a multi-polarity world, where all the nations have their say. 

Until our post-world-war II institutions are dominated by incompetent veto members that can change the faith of the world with one word, there will be no global democracy to build at an international level. 

UN need a complete reform or be disbanded. (UN must go beyond symbolism and be able to act)

NATO need a complete redesign and repurpose or be disbanded. (current role of deterrence is last century way of thinking, need of enemy to exist is over)

the World must unite instead of creating hot wars, cold wars or man-made inbalance to control the evolution of other countries. but to unite, each country must be on the same level. veto powers for nobody or for everyone but the current process is designed to keep a minority of countries with a very deviant democracy track record to keep setting the world agenda without an ounce of accountability. 

Democracy is not granted. Each generation need to find the missing ingredients for the current time and find ways to bring this missing ingredient to the table before the World as a whole suffer from the consequences of letting democracy erode itself to the point the only choices left are to elect populist dictators to "solve" our problems.

100% of our current problems are man made. We can fix them if only we move from confrontation, towards collaboration even in the global world stage. 

We need a Churchill for this century !

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