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Ricardo Mendes

The reason US elections get so much interest in the EU is because what is going on with the so called alt-right in the US is happening all over Europe too ! it might be a bit different, but its rooted in the same racism construct, the same notion that European culture is "white" & Christian above all, the same notion that if flee wars and misery it is only to take over "white-culture", the same notion that are here to take your job and if its nothing of the above its probably because THEY (the Others, the illegal Aliens) are Terrorists in disguise.

Well guess what since the last wave of terrorism in Europe, since the last refugee arrival, since and since , with the help on "the Media" and some sick local/international politicians/tv reality freaks: all these racist, xenophobic thoughts have become "normal".

The new Normal is xenophobia instead of a shred of self-introspection to wonder why WE're up to this point now, what did we do as a society? where did we slipped into pre-fascism ?

Like the boiling frog in the hot water, collective amnesia is here to stay, nobody knows why we're boiling, nobody knows the definition of hot water and everyone has forgotten why we're all doing everything we can to make sure no more frogs join the boiling water game in which we're all going to boil until its too late.

When everything will be cooked, there will be nobody to ask : why did we even went into this boiling hot water container, wasn't there enough space for everyone if we make it so ?

Perhaps, if only as a society we could imagine & drive our collective future towards more integrity, ethics, tolerance and openness towards "the others".

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