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Ricardo Mendes

This is a rant about & corporations locking people on insecure systems.

I will never wait for OEM's to update my phone and people should stop doing so because waranty is void anyway (when you buy this new phone? it's already old when you get out of the shop) so take some time to learn, head over to XDA forum, find your device, start reading the most commented Custom Rom project, see the first post to check on any advice & step by step guide and then go to the last post of the current thread and see how the last dozens of users are managing the installation on their own device.

Keep note of everything that you might need to know when you started the process, so you don't have to panic and go wander in the forums what your problem is or isn't.

Follow the instructions to the letter, do not improvise. if you follow the instruction there is a 98% chance everything is going to go fine with your phone but if you don't expect bootloops and your head on the wall.

In fact LG, Samsung, HTC, Nexus all these manufacturers should allow a open & transparent way to allow any of their customers to Upgrade their phone, Own their phone if they want it. we are in 2016, everybody knows we're going to force custom ROM's or alternative operative system in anything that can handle it and these brands are still trying to lock users up, jailing them in old android versions while the same old phone could probably run a much faster and better version of android in a few hours of work.

I started flashing ROM's, Recovery and rooting my devices 2 or 3 days after I bought my first device. Since then I never stopped and I always have the latest version of android 1 year before most of the people in my city/country or at least 6 or 8 month advance.

Basically everyone is accepting that a brands own your device and not you and this is Crazy !

Imagine if when you buy a new laptop (not an Apple device) you would accept to only be a user, instead of Administrator of your own laptop: it's crazy right ? why would anyone do that ?

Well that's exactly what iPhone owners are doing and what most users are doing.
We are loosing ground, this is not how new technologies should emerge and get adopted, this is how corporations wants you to depend on their device, support etc...but you don't need it.

You can support yourself, void that warranty and enjoy your phone like it should be : fast, the most secure possible (considering it's a smartphone) but this is only going to happen when users realise they can have CyanogenMod on their phone, control privacy, location and even use advanced app to tell their phone to shut up instead of wandering free to give your metadata to every corporations inside your phone.

It's time to get free !

Just do it !

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