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Ricardo Mendes

Until US people don't realize THEY also play a role in enforcing the duopoly DEM/GOP
there will be no real meaningful political change. the US elections need a huge political shake-up
Something like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein with ideas from Bernie Sanders & Lessig. of course until everyone believe & enforce the belief that this scenario is not possible, it will not be possible.

It's amazing how US people seem to be more frightened by a independent nominee than by racist/xenophobic GOP nominee or warmongerer HRC.

no independent could make it ? that's right YOU never voted massively for them. You never used Democracy to haul the carpet out from under the feet of the establishment (for many good reasons, elections are rigged, vote fraud etc..) but until you as a people don't wake up & take a chance, the rest of the planet will keep being at the mercy of last century US politics. and that's dangerous.

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