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Ricardo Mendes

For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her | #amazing #story

This story is just amazing but at the same time a freaking distopian drift, I can't imagine living under that for 17 years...and it's even more incredible that these two woman reached out to each other and that finally "the system" allowed itself to be more human and take these two human beings as real separate identities. 

While I was reading the article I couldn't but stop to imagine this same story but in the future, a future where computers are omnipresent, artificial intelligence, cold, un-human. 

There is at least two possibilities in this futuristic version of this story on my head : 

1) either the AI would never mix these two persons as one. (period)
2) or it would be even worse, a complete nightmare to the point one of the Lisa wouldn't bear anymore and just get crazy or worst terminate her life in some brutal way or less dramatic would lose access to services, rights down the line. 

It's 2017 : 

If our daily system is already so complex that Cops, Institutions, Public Services can't handle the complexity of people having same names, same birthdate but different identity, different location is the future of administration going to evolve, is there a planned upgrade ? 

Because if today's society is already too complex for such mistakes to happen, what about tomorrow ? 

Are we heading to a system that in the end of the day : we simply can't control, explain and understand ? 

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