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Ricardo Mendes

Fostering Fearlessness - Guerrilla Foundation #FearlessCities #municipalism

Why We Support the New Municipalist Movement & Why You Should Too

For most English speakers, the word municipality is an awkward, administrative word that usually rings hollow, and it is hard to imagine that it is a much more exciting word to native speakers of other languages. It is defined as ‘a single urban administrative division having corporate status and jurisdictions as granted by national and state laws to which it is subordinate’ – instantly evocative of Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

However, the latin etymology stems from mūnicipium, which means, free town, a town whose people were (Roman) citizens, governed by their own laws, and magistrates and it is

these ancient concepts of freedom, self-organisation and citizen-ownership that are the cornerstones of the New Municipalist Movement.


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