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Ricardo Mendes

How to go paperless with your business card in 2017 ?

I have explored the android app Camcard to digitize the business card of clients I meet and have that information encoded on my davcard server before I leave the meeting, it's a great way to actually encode all these new contacts into your database instead of letting the business cards wait on your desk.

But what about giving your business card paperless ?

in 2017 most phones are NFC enabled so I tested this by buying 10 tags at
and then used the android app NFC Tools (ended by buying the pro version of this app because it's really good) NFC Tasks + NFC Tools you can have your tags doing pretty nice things just by approaching your phone from the tag. There are other apps outhere that manage to write countless pre-made tags that you just need to adapt to your needs.

So I basically used the VCARD template to share my full contact and wrote this to the NFC tag.

Now when I want to give my business card the other person just need to approach his phone from mine and after a few seconds a new contact popup will ask if the contact is to be saved and it's done.

Writing/reading/erasing/reusing NFC tag is pretty much self evident when you start with NFC Tools even with the non-PRO version.

NFC tags can be used for countless things, including directing a user to a online survey for example, users can be sent to a URL or an image, mp3, or a PDF with your CV.

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