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Ricardo Mendes

How to make that look like ?
some of my bots are 40% chance of being bots, when they are full bots.
the only reason they are at 40% instead of 100% is because of the manual interventions on the account, replying, retweets and liking content out of the automated scope of the bot and of course using other automated services (like roundteam for instance) to program social interactions based on tailored twitter list.

That recipe make it hard for the Bot Or Not checker to spot bots with 100% certainty. I'm convinced this can even be improved and tweaked so that Bots can actually be useful, a service to me and other information junckie, instead of just noise making devices on social media. of course my usecase of bots is far away from other botnets built and programmed to alter or shape perception on key issues, disrupt elections or launch false information campaign with the intent and the goal to reach specific goals.

there is a whole info-war going on out there and the progressive left is light-years behind from the capabilities of the far-right swarms and other state or non-state actors present on the various social media networks with one only goal: instill distrust and reinforce doubt, leaving users more fragile and keen to adopt new views that shape or match their beliefs systems.

This has been going on since a decade if not two decades already, but its really the election that showed & displayed a shift in perception that is still making waves in the whole western information landscape.

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