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Ricardo Mendes

Last Year I was discussing with a friend about a browser extension geared to inform the public about the political, corporate, ads-business and type of news sources linked to each news website.

There could be a difference between State media,(think RT) Public media (think RTBF), Privately owned media (think RTL) and if any of these 3 types receive public fundings and how it's being used.

The extension should be able to show political/corporate ties between the owners of a particular news source but also show the links between data-brokers/ads and the owners of the website.

If the news source receive any type of subsidies, funding or donations from political/corporate individuals this should also be presented visually to the user.

The only extension that provides this type of information on top of US politicians is
This extension show the links between money and congress.

But what if it could be expanded to show much more contextual data between Governments Civil Servants, media property owners, ads-datatracking-brokers, economic links between entities and corporate donations to these particular outlets.

What if by going to a news website you could understand the political colors, interests and bias of any news sources just by looking at the financial/political ties underlying their narrative ?

I'm convinced this information is important to better understand the collisions and revolving doors between media, corporations, politics and lobbying.

The datasets that would power this extension could be open source, public, transparent and fact-checked by multiple peers allowing a greater transparency and reliability of the data.

The question is where do I start ?

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