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Ricardo Mendes

@jack @Twitter @BuyThisPlatform Growth obsession : Well maybe @twitter should reject the "growth doctrine" and the constant needs for new metrics, new users, growth, growth growth and instead embrace Values, Cooperation and mutate towards becoming a real where People, Journalists, Organisations can create value while collectively owning Twitter, and invest more into "how to redistribute collective value", how to make twitter sustainable by making web actions you can do on the platform : sharing, replying, liking, retweeting, a monetisation that is powered by the blockchain and where People give and exchange value by their interactions on the platform.

Basically Twitter could become a large scale democratic experiment that would push the whole web into adopting more of this kind of collective ownership where the value created reinforce the whole platform instead of just a bunch of investors that have a vested interest to only focus on growth, return, profit.

Maybe I'm being idealistic, probably even, but until some big players don't switch, pivot into something that make sense instead of infinite growth race that make no sense, the whole web will keep being dragged into useless capitalistic approach that are bound to be unadapted for the future.

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