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Ricardo Mendes

@JamesPanichi @alemannoEU first, "regarding campaigning for your employer" argument:
what is a Politician inside a demonstration endorsing one side or the other like we see anywhere in Europe at national or EU level, if not an employee picking one side or the other and giving its support to it ?

To me there is no difference, it's not because someone works for ANY employer (even the EU) that this person cannot take a stand, cannot give it's opinion regarding his own future. we are in Europe, not in the US where taking a stand & actually having an opinion, even contrary to your employer is a bad sign.
EU employees usually never take a stand, or only to for Sandwich Demonstration in Schuman round-about for more Rights for interns...its about time EU employees take a stand, embed their own personal values and drag their employer (the EU) to wake up before its to late.

So basically this is a non-argument to me. the real reason why these pro-EU demo look illegitimate must be looked elsewhere and that's the second part of my reply to @alemannoEU.

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