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Ricardo Mendes

Quite amazed by some men's utter inability to listen without mansplaining survivors of any type of abuses, from harassment to direct sexual abuses that they also get impacted by having to endure the state of things with woman traumatized & unable to discern a decent men from Predators. It's like the first concern of some men is to note How harassment & sexual abuses directly touch them regarding their dating habits is more important or equally important for them as the abuse itself, to me it shows a terrible lack of empathy and possibly a even worst issue at hand: we won't fix this mess if all men's don't give even just a little attention to their behavior and to how they react to the current epidemic of abuses : certainly not by posing in the center of the issue describing how shocked they are from being equaled to pigs (regarding the French tag ) as if men = pigs was even said once by all the woman that used the tag or . It's really disturbing to notice that some of my best friends are unable to react or not react, they feel almost threatened by just woman getting the word out, this little action that often mirror a wide variety on the scale of abuses is felt like a threat or something that critical men's should have their say as if their opinion on the matter was more important than the root of the issue : widespread abuses.

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