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Ricardo Mendes

Saturday Night rant: It's like History doesn't exist or that we humans conveniently choose to forget correlation in today's issues : refugees don't come from the moon, they flee wars we sometimes sell weapons to both sides. When is that coming to an end?
no wonder the "West" is falling behind, we created our very own descent into it. We can accuse an external enemy all we want, at the end of the day, all the events that disrupted Europe this last few years were entirely predictable and consequential of previous policy choices we either let our representatives doing or we let even higher levels of power with full "carte blanche" to follow deadly, illegal, foreign policies that managed to break the world apart these last 2 decades.
Sometimes to save the face of the international order, we use UN to advance common goals (think climate change) sometimes we bypass UN (think ) because we know it's entirely against the very global order that we put in place after WWII.

all of this doesn't come from Russian News if that even exist. all of this comes from 2 or 3 generations of young people that were born in a sick world that managed to grow up to their 30's or 40's only to realize the world is still fucked up, not because it's complex, or because terrorism is a natural disaster, no, they wake up to realize that all the choices we do as society, as nations, as Europeans, as Humans, have a real & concrete impact around us.

the time of US versus Them is over and until we elect politicians and allow the economic world convergence of interests to think/act like that, peace and abundance will not be possible.

We need to move from confrontation to collaboration, from monopoly of ressources to a conscious finite sharing of resources. from inequality by design to equality by design. from closed men's clubs to parity by design.

And until we do it, the world is going to keep its descent into chaos.

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