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Ricardo Mendes

So I have been experimenting alternative Facebook clients app for a while, tried a few apps on the play store but never liked the experience, also tried the Lite version of both Facebook app and Messenger app and also disliked the experience even though it was better than a few of the webapps around. But yesterday I heard about Frost from my geeky friend Rui and after using it for a day I bought the pro version to get ride of Facebook ads, friends & group suggestions. The most useful feature to me is that I can see by default the most recent post from my contacts, I can finetune notifications to only bother me every 6h or 3h or once a day and the better : it's like a mobile first Facebook experience without the permanent certainty that Facebook algorithm is first tweaked to make you see what Facebook wants you to see instead of what you choose to see first, recently and so on... And the results is pretty neat : feels like Facebook in the old days when the chronological time-line was still the default. Another bonus is frost is open source & by using it and remove Facebook app altogether you win quite a bunch of space in your phone and its fast, even in low end devices. Anyway give it a try and reply with your comment about your experience.

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