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Ricardo Mendes

The best way to be informed in 2017 is to build your own information network: from mapping sources to disseminating key curated content to receiving the finalized info signal, it's the only way to control what type of information you get, only way to embed diversity of signal in the generated mass of content.

if you don't, you end-up eating the same information everyone is getting, either by algorithmic driven curation/popular content or by same-friends influence ending up in a virtual bubble limited by your contacts or the way you train your personal algorithmic curation.

The information perception spectrum is huge: from right to left, conservative to liberal, far-right to far-left, nationalist, patriots, internationalist,, atheist to religious zealots, the fact is the ongoing narrative collapse is making all these currents overlap on key issues, from trade to foreign policy to climate, it's like in 2017 with all the technology and possibilities that are offered the information landscape has never been so broken, unable to inform, educate, leverage the use of these amazing possibilities to massively elevate the debate, the choices we make as Humans, no matter where we live.

in 2017 Ignorance is still King, our very own Democratic Representatives are unable or unfit to understand the complexity of the world we live in, our democratic models are out-dated, our governance models are corrupt, corporate lobbying has more access to shaping laws than the very citizens impacted by policy-making. In short our democratic system, be it in Europe or the USA or Asia, Africa is suffering from the same disease but at different stage of metastases.

The ultimate question is: what do we do about it ?

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