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Ricardo Mendes

@KTHopkins The only place one can be "native" from is from this planet: Planet Earth.

All the rest is social construct built to divide and conquer Human Beings with the precise intent to disrupt and delay any real evolution and matching of scientific advances into the collective memory by entertaining fake divisions, themselves used to enslave, colonise or invade elsewhere for the sole purpose of domination and total obliteration of the Planet natural diversity.

So no Katie Hopkins, race don't exist in absolute terms, the only way it still exist for some of your lot is to enforce long time inequalities, extractivism, neocolonialism and other toxic mental belief that are still used to this day by your lot to enforce inequalities, privileges and domination mechanism from the last century.

There is only one Human Race and we're all part of it ! even you, you probably have DNA traces of dozens if not at least 20+ different blood types, but yes, for the ignorant version of you it is just much simpler to imagine yourself as "white, christian, pure blood, native" while some honesty would probably show you come from countless other branches of origin and you might even be non UK native if we could look at your specific DNA, but will you even have the courage to look at it ?

It would certainly transform your vision of yourself and your short concept of "native" into oblivion and that I guess is not easy to get along with, how would you sell your books ? what would it be of your days if you could not spew your hate on social media ?

Sad life right ? much better to stay ignorant and blame it all on foreigners, when yourself, you are a foreigner.

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