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Ricardo Mendes

So Facebook automated censorship machine blocks ad-boosting for a FREE event about the blockchain, an event where everyone is welcome to gather & learn about the blockchain, an event where things are pretty much informal and where people of all kinds of level of understanding of this complex issue share what they know with each other. nothing more, nothing less...well with Pizza & Beers.

And this is the message of :

Your ad wasn't approved because it doesn't follow our Advertising Policies. We do not allow ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings, or cryptocurrency. This policy is part of an ongoing effort to improve the integrity and security of our ads, and to make it harder for scammers to profit from a presence on Facebook.
How to fix: Unfortunately, we don't support your business model. If you wish to continue advertising on Facebook, we suggest promoting a different service or product.

if only had the guts and the integrity to put the same kind of limitations to fraudulent ads, real scams or flock of users harassing others. But no, Facebook is actively stopping honest use of its platform and letting all kinds of fundamentalists using its "service" to target people of color or a specific race or religion, this is all fine since facebook inception, Brexit & Trump, but a free event to learn about Blockchain for the masses ? that's way to radical ! F*** You Zuck !

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