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Co-Captain Armada.Digital
TEM-ICT @DigitYser
Portuguese expat living in Brussels since 2003, I'm interested by the intersection of technology, politics, participatory democracy, grassroots movements and human rights.
| I'm passionated about Curious about and the future of work by enabling .





Ricardo Mendes

Bridging the IndieWeb and the Fediverse, part 3 - WordPress ActivityPub plugin - doubleloop

The plugin implements the ActivityPub protocol for your blog. Your readers will be able to follow your blogposts on Mastodon and other federated platforms that support ActivityPub.

Ricardo Mendes

it seems is now at version 1.0 :
congrats to the Known team !

Ricardo Mendes

My blog is now part of the webring, feel free to add yourself by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

It's fun to browse the webring and discover new people joining the self-hosted exodus or rejoining the openweb after a few years wandering in the corponet.

This is how I stumbled upon and will probably stumble upon new sites daily since I have no idea about the amount of blogs/sites part of the network.. This whole webring thing feels very 2000's to 2003 era when blogs were the basis of the "social network" in the openweb. Then came the giant Goliath and I hope will come the David's to reclaim the web, one inch after another so that this wonderful tool that is the internet can be reclaimed for what it was supposed to be : something to empower individuals and society at large with the intent and results of making it better, more inclusive, more accessible to all, something that will definitely need some care if we want the original ideas and manifesto of the web to survive the next few decades.

It's up to us all..

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