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How To use this site?

This website is powered by @withknown - Known is a social blog engine - fully  aware & connected to my different social media accounts. the moto is : Own your Data, Publish on Your Own Site, Syndicate elsewhere. So consider this website as my "social media client" or an app to control my content & where it spreads on corporate social networks. 

How do I use Likes/Reposts ?

Depending on the context, Likes on This website or directly on Twitter means different things. 

If i helped you find something and you thank me, my like is like saying: my pleasure, it's a quick way to tell you I noticed your thank you and I'm gratefull it helped you. 

Sometimes a Like or a Repost/Retweet on this site is just a simple method to send a content bit to here, so I can check it out later. 

On Facebook, I usually only like stuff from real Friends I Know in real life, hence more personal stuff. 

Ultimately when I use this site to Like or Retweets stuff, it's because I want to leave a trace about here on my home on the open web. 

How do I use Bookmarks ?

I use the Bookmark feature to share articles I liked to read or Articles I want to read later, check out hashtag to see what I'm talking about. I particulary love this "post kind" because it send the user directly to the shared article without having to visit my site to get the content. My bookmark page are usually about Politics or Tech or something that interested me. 

How do I use in-site HashTags ?

If you check out the "Tags" on the navigation Menu above, you'll find a selection of the Tags I use daily on this site : 

: everything related to IndieWeb

: Articles regarding many key topic areas I liked to read or want to read later. 

: opinions, articles, code, anything related to BlockChain 

: Bitcoin/Ethereum & digital currencies

: anything related to music, but also music videos clips etc..

: anything related to keeping the web open, decentralized, secure and autonomous. 

: I use this tag to write about silly ideas I might stumble uppon or want to take note for further exploration. 

How do I use @rebelmouse ? 

I use to aggregate content from Twitter Lists, RSS feeds sorted by Topics or Area or Issues. 

for instance this one here aggregate & display all my public activity on this site/social media 

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