PolBegov – Belgian Politics, Regional News and #begov

This Project started back in February 2014, the goal at the time was to provide a dashboard to compare political parties program and public communication leading to the 2014 elections.

But the ambition was a bit too high for a one-men project. Nonetheless, the twitter bots provides information about Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels and is also hosting some twitter lists arranged by Political Parties or level of power : Federal, Regional, Communities.

Over the years it has been followed by all kinds of individuals, from Politicians, Journalists, lambda citizen and with the chain of perpetual crisis, this twitter account has been acting as megaphone to relay civil society campaigns, protests and counter lobbying operations to push for more debates regarding the direction this strange country is about to take.

I have learned more about Belgian politics with this tool than anything else I have encountered in all my time in Belgium.

Twitter newsbot, auto feed from the Political, Economical and Regional news from different media in Belgium. Tweets in FR/NL/EN - Opinions from your humble servant, Retweets are automated.