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Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

Commons in the time of monsters: How P2P Politics can change the world, one city at a time - Commons Transition

In a nutshell, this describes the argument that the 15-M/Occupy/Syntagma/various local movements are alive and well, albeit in distributed and less immediately apparent ways. For those willing to look, their effects are readily identifiable. Remember that not even six years have passed since the occupations; this isn’t a tale of hippies turning into yuppies. This is the story of a movement that refuses to take the news of its own demise as a binding contract.”

This article tells the story of a new way of doing politics distinct from the hierarchical, patriarchal political “options” of the present (your neoliberals, your Trumps or your verticalist left). It is the story of a P2P/Commons politics born out out of street protest movements and solidarity economics which has been able to gain power in a number of cities worldwide. But can this new P2P politics be taken to the next level? We argue that not only it can, but it may one of the most viable options to survive as a species and restore our relation to the planet.

Ricardo Mendes

Aral Balkan — Encouraging individual #sovereignty and a healthy #commons

Extracts : 

It is not the job of a corporation to “develop the social infrastructure for community”

The reason we find ourselves in this mess with ubiquitous surveillance, filter bubbles, and fake news (propaganda) is precisely due to the utter and complete destruction of the public sphere by an oligopoly of private infrastructure that poses as public space.

Where Mark asks you to trust him to be a benevolent king, I say let us build a world without kings. Where Mark’s vision is rooted in colonialism and the perpetuation of centralised power and control, mine is based on individual sovereignty and a healthy, distributed commons.



Ricardo Mendes

The Revolution Will (not) be Decentralised: Blockchain-based Technologies & the Commons | Rachel O'Dwyer -

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