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Ricardo Mendes

Another terrorist attack, another round of the same "solutions" leading to the same effects #NiceAttacks

8 min read

It's like our society is under an epidemic of Amnesia. We manage to live as if our current disasters are completely detached from our past. we do it regarding racism, colonialism, feminism, We do it with everything : we try to write history as if our actions are isolated from the wider global arena where these actions are taking places. We are acting as if produced Zero effects on that part of the world or even when we talk about it we never look ourselves in the mirror, even is not enough. We keep acting like if we are under attack, our civilisation is under threat, the islamic terrorism wants to eradicate our civilisation from the map etc..etc...and We never look at how & why we arrived here. 

Who am I to say We ?

I'm nobody, I'm an observer, a reader, a dad, a Global citizen before being a portuguese or European citizen.
I don't belong to any nation state but I belong to the Human race and the Human race lately and on the last century shaped, created, influenced everything we live today.

From the Gulf Wars in the 90's to the in 2003 after 9/11 everything we live today is or was designed, thought, pushed, warmongered to reach the point we are now. US foreign Policy created a Reality nobody knows the exit for and when it's beyond even our worst nightmare, US flexes it's muscle and ask EU members states (since we dont have any common foreign policy & much less a different path to approach problems then the US influence in foreign policy) so US ask EU to flexes it's muscle and engage in the global arena when the US cannot be on more invisible war fronts (either because nobody in the US would accept it or because the current US global presence is nearly unsustainable in the long run) so we have to play with.

At the same time US have "allies" like Qatar or Saudi Arabia witch are porbably the most dangerous "friends" anyone can have, playing in many fronts, feeding rebelions in some areas, feeding terrorism in others, letting Western weapons travel freely & nurture Terrorism in the end. And we're all fine with it, it seems. These brutal regimes are even invited in EU or US with red carpets while being the symbol of extremism against woman & civil liberties, but still are US partners & friends & allies in the region. does it make sense? nope !

After 9/11 instead of going at the sources of the official story, US went rogue and started to disrupt Afganistan, Iraq, that in turn disrupted the whole regions. in 2011 there was the so called "Arab Spring" witch was a Winter more than a Spring: putting the army or even more religious groups in power in Egypt and elsewhere.

But we could go even further in the Past, when US was meddling into Iranian affairs and managed to put the worst religous extremist in power, still influencing to this day the history of Iran.

My point is : every meddling or proxy wars is getting the crisis worst. every regime change is bringing less secularism, less democracy, more army everywhere, less freedom of the press, less freedom for common people. Iraq war reconstruction ? a disaster. Afganistan? a drug lord country since the US took control.

Today is the aftermath of , on all TV channels, social media feeds, papers, Nice is everywhere. 

No time to think. 

No time to reflect on the situation before taking action. 

So let's repeat the same mistakes over and over again, let's bomb countries, kill even more civilians so that we make sure to keep entertaining this vicious loop of killing each other to the point nobody can keep up on why we're at this point now. 

Danger allow to bypass reflection because it pushes for direct retaliation, direct action against what is thought at this moment being the source of the terrorist attack. 

Not one second to think that if on France national day, a killing spree like this can happen, it must mean that it can happen everyday. anywhere. it should mean that we should look at the core of the issue and not only at the symptoms. not only at the effects that our actions or inactions manage to bring home. 

We fail to realize that this type of attacks or even worse is happening in Iraq every week. we fail to recgonize that the majority of victims of "Islamic terrorism" is Muslim people. 

We fail to realize that by saying : let's ban the Muslims and their charia law is the best road to remake the same mistakes Europe already did in WWII against the Jewish people. 

Does anyone know where we are going as a society ? 

Do we have to reach the level of tensions now available in the US between races to finally look at ourselves in the mirror and say : we are going in the wrong direction. 

Until what point our current model is sustainable if we don't learn anything from our past mistakes to change the course of the present ?

My feeling is we have inherited the mess of a political generation that needed to disrupt the planet to maintain it's grip and it's influence, a political generation that need the world to be uni-polar. cannot accept the emergence of a multi polar world. and to maintain this advantage over the rest of the world, are ready to do anything to protect "national security interest" even above human rights, above anything we should stand for. 

The Politics of Fear : this is the world today. a fearfull place. 

A theatre where the most savage is going to win while the masses keep watching TV as if the war would never reach home. and time to time war reach home and time to time we mourn, we pray but we never or rarely reflect on the fact that the disasters we are currently going though are man made. they can be solved. 

We produce Weapons. We sell them, We wage wars, drone wars from the comfort of our high-tech peaceful cockpits while we entertain this illusion that we are leaders of Peace. Peace Builders. 

We are not. 

Our ancestors invented Slavery, colonialism, our past is just mutation of these injustices up to our present. 
slavery or colonialism just changed words, they still exist. you can call it neolibeal capitalism or whatver you like, the point is our external foreign policy be it in US or EU is creating the very thumb of our civilisation. 

There is nobody to blame but ourselves. 

How do I connect Terrorism or Foreign Policy to a domestic local terrorism attack ? 

i'll return the question: how do you or we separate events and unconnect them from the context, present past or future to serve what we want to say, think or live ? why do we do this ? there is a word for this : 

It's Denial. 

It's not that we Forget like was saying Christian Estrosi from Nice on BFMTV, nobody forget horrors like Paris, Brussels or other terrorist attacks. What we forget is how we got there in the first place. what we forget or choose to forget is the impact of our foreign policy and how it shapes the world we live in. We forget that other middle-east areas are like Nice and much worse every week !!!

We forget because after each attacks there is more security, more surveillance, less civil liberties, less freedom and we are being told that this is normal, this is the price to pay for our so advanced democratic societies. 

Ultimately we choose to forget that we, also have a role in the disasters we are all living/observing since 2016 and all the decades before. 

Since we live with this illusion that our actions have no direct consequences or influences over what happens abroad, we entertain this illusion that we are safe, only to be disrupted by the next terrorist attack that will once again schrink our values up to the point we are living in Police States and it's the new Normal. 

We can do better than this. we can do better than reliving the nightmares of the cold wars and the warmongering generation currently in power & watching this planet go from mad to death without doing nothing. 

We like to remembers Wars & fallen heroes while dismissing that our action today are propagating tensions, conflicts, wars and death. everyday we forget that we also have a Historical responsibility about the state of key areas of the world, the responsibility of having destroyed so many cultures, people and cities because we were the civilised ones, the other were the savages, the slaves. 

This mentality is still present today, it just morphed, mutated into more politically correct words but it all goes the same road : creating a reality of injustice, without accountability, with pretty much a blank check to do anything without having to pay the consequences. is just one exemple among many, living proof that our Western exceptionalism is above fundamental human rights. 

Until the consequences reach home. 


Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

One thing is clear today with the #ChilcotReport: #iraqwar was a "international community" #warcrime

2 min read

Another thing is very clear to me: the political generation of the last 20 years (if not more) not only betrayed their humanity but they created the seeds of the ongoing quagmire that is the Middle-East today. since 2011 they created a reality. a reality they could bomb afterward, so they thought, since it is now out of control, exploding itself in any part of the world and most of all contrary to whatever "mainstream media" is looping online & on TV & papers : the vast majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims. Saying is Islam is ridiculous and a blatant lie. Islam need to reform and adapt to what younger generation wants ? that's a fact. 

Islam is not Terrorism and ISIS is not Islamic no matter the slogans, the look and their narrative: it's not Islam. News pundits in the US should take note before they end up creating another reality where the Muslims are the new N-word or the Nazi-Germany "final solution" to the "Jewish Problem" .

As a society, since decades and decades we are in a drift, a drift toward global conflicts and we better make our voice heard now before a final solution is found for another ethnic group of the same Humanity.


Ricardo Mendes

un qui tweet le sur la guerre en ? c'est par ici @chilcotbot ça fait juste 13 ans que je l'attendais !

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