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Should appear as "Live" when I'm broadcasting Live with







Ricardo Mendes

How to kill an openweb feature ? just restrict your API to "professional" profiles and block it from "personal" profiles, and it's done !

Ricardo Mendes

ToneDen - Automated Social Marketing and Advertising

Interesting tool for automated marketing on facebook and instagram

Ricardo Mendes

Défis pour la ville de : laisser la possibilité à tous les Bruxellois de dire ce qui ne vas pas sur la plateforme de leur choix (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) avec un hashtag par commune ex :
Trop de poubelle sur le trottoir qui traîne toute la semaine au niveau Métro Yser.

Ricardo Mendes

redesign: feels like an instagram clone & I'm tweeting/tooting this from my own website :)

Ricardo Mendes

Are you noticing Internet Providers in Belgium "zero rating" their Data Plan for , , etc...? if so report :

Ricardo Mendes

Things I need to checkout for my use case scenario : thanks to @cweiske

shpub - micropub client for your shell

Instagram to micropub

Ricardo Mendes

Reposted Peter Molnar's post on

There is nothing to "get". It’s all the same. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. People want a free way to broadcast to their friends. Someone invents a service that does that. Slowly ads take over. Now the stream needs to be "curated". It’s no longer a timeline. It’s no longer sensible. Now you can no longer reliably broadcast to your friends. People search for a new service that did what the old service used to do. They don’t even realize that’s what they are doing, but that’s what they are doing. I’ve done this myself now what, a half dozen times? Every 2 years you have to do it again.

It’s the same damn model. It’s all the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Does no one see this?

Snapchat will rule until he ads take over. Your stories will slowly be interrupted by ads. Then your stories will fall out of time sync and you’ll only get some updates or a "Featured Updates" or some other features that’s really just a way to prioritize and guarantee ad delivery. And while this is happening someone will put out something new, that essentially does what Snapchat originally did in a slightly different format. Maybe square instead of portrait or GIF or Live Photo or whatever. But it’s all the same thing. This game will continue forever.

All people want is a way to broadcast into a stream of content, and view other people’s content in a timeline. That’s it. It works for a while until you get too big. Then you can’t pay for it and you have to start inject ads and resorting the timeline until it’s no longer a timeline or it’s a timeline full of all this stuff no one ever wanted or asked for.

When I was 15 I’d get home from school and run to my computer to check my favorite message board. I’d hit "New Posts" and see all the content from my friends. Cool new video game discussion, new video card benchmarks, some photos someone uploaded, some rant. Honestly, nothing has really changed in 15 years except the format of the content has been continuously updated to be technically (and culturally) relevant. But a post is still a post.

Ricardo Mendes

Facebook might not be consciously meddling the newsfeed taking out conservative view point. Maybe. But it is consciously & actively burying any post you push to Facebook from an application. Even if that application is public and published. Actually since I use Known the only posts people react on Facebook are when I share something inside Facebook or if I take a picture on Instagram and syndicate it to Facebook. These last 2 case scenario get instant reaction. Anything that comes from this website is simply buried. Does not exist because the mighty algorithm doesn't like that in some way bypass the way Facebook was supposed to be used.

Am I completely wrong?

Please provide comments & explain why, I'm really interested to discover that I'm wrong.

Ricardo Mendes

The CIA is investing in firms that mine your tweets and Instagram photos by @lhfang | sounds completely OK

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