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Should appear as "Live" when I'm broadcasting Live with











Ricardo Mendes

How to Install Portia with Virtualenv / Vagrant ?

there is 2 very good replies on this link :

Ricardo Mendes

PieCrust — PieCrust is a static website generator and flat-file CMS. #selfhosting #blogs

PieCrust is a static website generator and flat-file CMS. No complex setup, databases, or administrative panels – it’s all text files. Simple, beautiful, and yummy.

Ricardo Mendes

Ricardo Mendes

a bunch of interesting piece of code :
RSS to Mastodon in Ruby :
RSS to Mastodo Python :

Ricardo Mendes

Social media data collection tools #SNA

4 min read

This is a list of tools I need to explore/validate for social media analytics.
the source comes from here & also here & here and here.

Twitter data collection tools (applications):

Twitter data collection tools (modules & libraries; require programming knowledge):

Facebook data collection tools (applications):

Facebook data collection tools (modules & libraries; require programming knowledge):

Social data vendors (these sell data for analysis within their own platforms or independently):

Other (misc links that don’t belong under any of the other sections)


Ricardo Mendes

Learning because after a decade of messing with existing code it is time for me to start/learn one language & from there reconnect with what I already know.

My plan is to get confortable with Ruby and then get confortable with PHP, Python & Javascript.

Then I can move from there into messing with PHP, JS and HTML5 again.

And you know what ? I'm loving it !

Ricardo Mendes

Creating a Graph Application with Python, Neo4j, Gephi and Linkurious.js - Linkurious - Understand the connections in your data.

Find out how Packt Publishing, a company editing books for developers, used linkurious.js to build one giant Python graph to understand how its content relate to StackOverflow topic

Ricardo Mendes

I need to find/code a command line tool that store tweets metadata in real time a bit like but on the terminal. I want to be able to trigger the command when new storms arise with the ultimate ability to save the data on the GEXF format file so I can import it back to Gephi/Neo4j or other tools. The next step would be to make this code able to detect new social media storms or "moments" and start storing metadata when any particular rise above a certain thresholds. the idea is that not always you find yourself at the beginning of a social media storm. the code need to be able to detect in some measure possible storms and store the data for later analysis.
another feature would be to have a nice dashboard to browse & visualize the stored using - of course this tool would need to be able to dive into the Twitter API to realize all these possibilities but we all know Twitter constant limitations on using it's API, so I was wondering about the possibilities to use "web scrapping" instead of API methods and bypass over-limitations by Twitter like going back in time more then X days or more then X Tweets. I'm not sure what would be the best language to go ahead with this idea, but maybe NodeJS or Python ?

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